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Harris Novum Enterprise SchedulingOne Point of Access for the Front End of the Healthcare Process

  • Improve patient and physician satisfaction 
  • Increase patient volumes 
  • Increase resource utilization 
  • Accelerate reimbursements 

Harris Novum Enterprise Scheduling gives you the power to seamlessly automate the front end of the healthcare process. It creates one access point or overlay combining and effectively coordinating systems such as registration, EMPI, RIS, surgery management, invoicing and collections, EMR and CPOE, which improves the patient and physician experience and accelerates hospital reimbursement.

Key Benefits: 

Sixty-second Scheduling 
Harris Novum Enterprise Scheduling features a streamlined, easy-to-use screen design that was developed to enable best-practice workflow. With the click of a button it scans for the first available appointment across all facilities, minimizing patient waiting. 

Enterprise Functionality 
Harris Novum Enterprise Scheduling’s proprietary rules-based scheduling engine and efficient interfacing ensure accuracy and compliance with user-defined criteria and offer true enterprise functionality. It schedules procedure requests across all areas of the healthcare facility, including rehab, radiology and surgery, coordinating rooms, equipment and staff across multiple facilities. 

Workflow Management 
Harris Novum Enterprise Scheduling increases efficiency and workflow with integrated worklists. At the point of scheduling, it automatically generates and pushes tasks downstream from scheduling to departments such as registration and billing. 

Harris Novum Enterprise Scheduling measures operational results and identifies areas for improvement with an integrated reporting and graphic module. 

Advanced Rehabilitation Scheduling 
Harris Novum Enterprise Scheduling enables easy coordination of complex rehab series appointments and ensures that treatments fall within insurance coverage guidelines. 

Harris Novum Enterprise SchedulingHarris Novum Enterprise Scheduling Modules: 

Expedites the registration process and reduces redundant data entry. Enables the capture of critical registration and billing infor-mation during scheduling and sharing with an organization’s ADT system. 

Medical Necessity
Reduces denied claims and improves compliance efficiency. Automatically identifies and screens scheduled procedures for medical necessity compliance. Generates Advance Beneficiary Notices for non-approved procedures. 

Insurance Verification
Increases collection of co-pays and deductibles. Automates the process of verifying insurance eligibility during the scheduling process. 

Call-Back Reminder
Reduces no-shows and cancellations. Places automated notifications to patients, enabling confirmation, reschedule or cancellation. 

Physician Web Scheduler
Improves patient and physician satisfaction, increases patient volume and provides a competitive advantage. Provides authorized physicians real-time access to a hospital’s scheduling services via the Internet. Physicians can create electronic orders for scheduled events or walk-in tests.