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Simplify patient data and reduce claim denials


Harris Novum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
Lower the cost to collect by automating the revenue cycle and expediting claim processing.

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Novum delivers mission-critical financial software solutions to Hospitals & the Healthcare Industry

Novum delivers mission-critical financial software solutions to Hospitals & the Healthcare Industry

  • Patient Accounting

    Expedite claim processing using regulatory-compliant electronic transactions (EDI) to send and receive data directly to a payer or to a clearinghouse.
  • Patient Self Service

    Streamline and centralize your Patient Self Service offering for more convenient, efficient and cost-effective communication that benefits both patients and staff.
  • Contract Management

    Handle intricate contracts (including complex “what if” contract modeling scenarios) to reduce administrative overhead, identify payment variances and calculate net realizable value for accounts receivable.
  • Enterprise Scheduling

    Harris Novum Enterprise Scheduling gives you the power to seamlessly automate the front end of the healthcare process.
  • Patient Registration

    Simplify the registration process with direct admissions of inpatient, outpatient, same day surgery and recurring series type visits.
  • Health Information Management

    Easily capture all aspects of patient care with our medical records management, including a patient’s diagnosis, procedure(s) and CPT coding information.
  • Analytics

    Analytic dashboards include historical, current and predictive views of business operations along with key performance indicators and detailed drill-downs.

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Harris Novum Acquires Agile Consent

Harris Novum is pleased to announce the acquisition of Agile Consent. Agile Consent® has developed a simple Mobile-ready consent platform to generate the consent and acquire eSignature. Implementing an end-to-end electronic digital signature mobile solution to replace paper forms in a simple and engaging manner.

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