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Graphic RCM 01Harris Novum RCM

What can Harris Novum RCM do for you?

Harris Novum’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) simplifies patient data processing and reduces claim denials by providing an integrated set of patient revenue and patient access management solutions.

The unique ViewLocks tool provides autonomy to staff to unlock RCM screens without the need to contact support, increasing productivity and minimizing burdens on internal IT staff.

  • Expedite claim processing using regulatory-compliant electronic transactions (EDI)
  • Lower the cost to collect with intrinsic tools to streamline billing
  • Handle intricate contracts to reduce administrative overhead
  • Save time by optimizing complex scheduling procedures
  • Simplify the registration process with direct admissions
  • Capture all aspects of patient care
  • Provide an in-depth examination of the revenue stream